Over 20 Years Of Building

rcm2 is an engineering consulting practice established in UK in 1998. Born and raise within the Railway industry, it over the years it has expanded into other areas, doubling its business year after year. It offers innovative engineering services, transport system safety and reliability, risk assessment, asset management and IT system integration solutions to various business, with particular focus on safety-critical industries from transportation (Rail, Automotive, Aerospace) to energy (Nuclear Fusion, Renewables).

rcm2 also carries out training, assurance and specialist engineering services to help safety-critical industries navigate the industry’s operational, commercial and regulatory demands.

Our Approach

Thanks to a team of visionary high level professionals encompassing multidisciplinary expertise, rcm2 provides high quality support to several business from reference context analysis and definition to design and development of appropriate solutions for critical areas management.

Our Mission

Make easy to monitor and manage multiple complex issues

Areas of Expertise

Safety Case Development & Maintenance

System Safety & Realiability


IT Solutions & Integration

Risk & Asset Management with predictive rcm2 technology

How Our Solutions Enhance Your Business

The condition monitoring is rapidly advancing: smart and connected devices empowers business combining qualitative knowledge and quantitative information, integrating complex real-time data about the assets, improving performance, predicting failures  and reducing their maintenance cost.

Stay one step ahead of competitors, provide to your business the key to greater efficiency, resilience and proactivity.


Reductions in Repair Cost


Increase in Revenue


Reduction in Maintenance Cost


Profitability of Plants Overall

We are a Customer-Focused Organization

What rcm2 stands for

r eliable delivery of services to clients

c ompetent & committed to meet your requirements

m otivated professionals at your service


Office Address-1

Studio LU.315, The Light Bulb
1 Filament Walk, Wandsworth
SW18 4GQ

Office Address-2

Weston Villa
37 Wolsey Road
KT10 8NTn

Contact Us

T: +44 (0) 7464 886009

M: +44 (0) 7810 635156

Email: ceo@rcm2.co.uk

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